Paris Hilton Net Worth


paris hltonLove her or hate her no one can deny that Paris Hilton has made a name for herself. This heiress to the Hilton Hotel chain has found a way to make her own name. Paris on her own is worth $100 million dollars. In addition to being born into money she has made her own by being an entrepreneur, model, and reality star.

Her Start

On NetWorthInsider, Paris started working as a model when she was in elementary school. In her teen years she was has worked for major companies including Guess, Christian Dior, and many other famous brands. During this time she began to party and got the attention of the media. Paris became famous for being famous. She also got her own reality show at this time. In addition to the reality show she appeared on several network television shows including Nine Lives and The O.C. Then there was the infamous sex tape that really made her a household name.

Her Own Money

In addition to her family money Paris has been able to make her own money. She has her own lines of shoes, accessories, books, clothing line, and gets money for making public appearances. In one night she can make up to $100,000 just for appearing at a club and letting the public know she is there. Paris is not as dumb as she appears on television. She may be pretty and like to party but she does have a smart business plan in order to use her money to make money. She’s tied to the Rothchild’s as James married her sister Nicky.

Paris Hilton may have be born rich but she used her family name to make even more money. She was able to get into television and film as well as become a successful entrepreneur. Paris used her family name to make her own money and her own fame.

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